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I got hit with a dose of "life is short."
And created ThirtyTenZero accidentally. ThirtyTenZero is my system that I use daily. It keeps me out of my own way and thriving weekly. Over a year ago, people started asking for their own version of this system and now you're here, learning about ThirtyTenZero. 

ThirtyTenZero Process

Step One - StoryWatch Training: Gain control over the stories driving your (in)actions.
Step Two - Customize your TTZ Framework: Define your target, focus, and daily actions.
Support - TTZ Mechanic: Sessions with your TTZ Trainer who supports you in tightening your ThirtyTenZero.
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StoryWatch Training

StoryWatch Training is your weapon for moving forward. Learn to capture and control the stories in your mind before taking (in)action.
View course $600

ThirtyTenZero Framework

Customize your ThirtyTenZero Framework guides you in creating your game plan that defines your Target, Focus, and daily Actions.
View course $600

TTZ Mechanics - 3 Sessions

Experts trained in the ThirtyTenZero system are called TTZ Mechanics. They work in 20-minute sessions to review, tighten or strategize.
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How often do I use ThirtyTenZero?

Once setup, ThirtyTenZero is your guide, your place to record stories and what can keep you moving to your target. The more you use it the more you will achieve. Many users many a commitment to a few weeks then reassess. 

What if I don't know what I really want?

Start with StoryWatch. Give it your all and the clarity you need to identify your target will emerge. 

Can I cancel?

There's no subscription here (yet).  We are in the business of framework sharing. Like the fishing rod analogy. We want to give you the ThirtyTenZero framework for you to use now and in the future for whenever you're looking to tap your inner power and needing to achieve. 

I already have a coach, isn't this overkill?

Many coaches use the ThirtyTenZero framework for themselves. This isn't only a model for how to structure one's target, focus and actions, but a quick framework to problem solve anything involving humans. 

Do I speak to real people or is ThirtyTenZero only technology and a digital learning course?

The ThirtyTenZero experience is broken down into learning, creating and using. During the learning and creating phases you have the option to do the prerecorded course or to engage in a live learning experience.  During the using phase, you can purchase the time of TTZ Mechanics trained to support anything ThirtyTenZero.