How bad do you want it?

Once you know how to use your stories to drive your actions with StoryWatch, it is time to rise up, identify, and map out your Target, Focus, and daily Actions.
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Upon finishing your ThirtyTenZero Framework Training, you will:
  • Learn how to better define expectations and goals
  • Learn how to test, tighten, and lock in your ThirtyTenZero
  • Have your customized ThiryTenZero Framework that your TTZ Trainer created with you for daily use

ThirtyTenZero Framework

Included in your ThirtyTenZero Framework training, you receive:
  • 2 live, 1-hour private training sessions with your ThirtyTen Zero Trainer
  • ThirtyTenZero Framework and life integration tools
  • 3 ThirtyTenZero, 20-minute private Mechanic sessions

What's included?

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Welcome to Customizing your ThirtyTenZero Framework Training!
Get Started
ThirtyTenZero Framework Workbook
Lay your Foundation
Begin your workbook
TTZ Framework Training Session
Training Session with your TTZ Trainer
@30,000 ft. Define your Target
Define your Target - Activity
Define Your Target - Visual
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@10,000 ft. Map your Areas of Focus
@10,000 ft. - Map your Focus
Map your Areas of Focus & Actions - Visual
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Master of Time
@0 ft. - Gametime - Key Daily Actions
Can't Pretend Anymore
Tinker, Tighten, and Celebrate
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Life Integration
Integration - Instructions
Step Two Complete