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The stories in our mind are what make or break all of our success?
StoryWatch is the first step in ThirtyTenZero. Before defining our target, focus and actions, we need to be sure the stories driving our actions are the ones we really want. 
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Once you complete StoryWatch Training, you will:
  • Leave with a practical plan that can immediately impact your life
  • Live with a new understanding of what drives your actions
  • Increase the speed and quality of your decisions
  • Gain greater control in defining and achieving your target

StoryWatch Training

Included in your StoryWatch Training:
  • 2-hour private training session with your ThirtyTenZero Trainer
  • StoryWatch Training workbook and life integration tools
  • 3 ThirtyTenZero, 20-minute private Mechanic sessions with your ThirtyTenZero Trainer
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Welcome to your StoryWatch Training!
Get Started
StoryWatch Training Workbook
Lay Your Foundation
Begin Your Workbook
StoryWatch Video
3 mins
Expectations Activity
StoryWatch Training Session
Training session with your ThirtyTenZero Trainer
Concept #1: All humans have the same creature power
All Humans - Visual Clip
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Purpose of Mind - Video Clip
2 mins
Concept #1 Overview - Video Review
12 mins
Concept #2: Everything starts with state
STATE -> STORY -> ACTION - Visual Clip
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Your State - Video Clip
2 mins
Concept #2 Overview - Video Review
15 mins
Concept #3: Capture your stories
Your StoryWatch Stories - Visual Clip
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Your State, Stories, and Actions - Video Clip
3 mins
Concept #3 Overview - Video Review
12 mins
Concept #4: Gratitude - Foundation for strength
Power of Gratitude - Visual Clip
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Concept #4 - Video Review
2 mins
Concept #5: Life Integration
StoryWatch Integration - Visual Clip
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Concept #5 - Video Review
4 mins
Next Steps - ThirtyTenZero
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StoryWatch Integration - Instructions
Integration - Instructions
Setting up your Done app - Video Clip
4 mins
Using your Done app - Video Clip
4 mins
Step One Complete

StoryWatch Testimonials

"It was like taking the red pill. I think about my stories and state literally everyday."
William B.
"StoryWatch shifted me." 
Janet B.
"StoryWatch is a powerful tool. Learning how to take charge of my stories is invaluable."
Jenelle T.


Is StoryWatch training a live learning experience or a course I can do on my own?

At this point we're running StoryWatch trainings, as a live learning experience. We continue to tweak and tighten the overall ThirtyTenZero experience, including this key first step. Eventually we will be offering a course that people can do on their own in preparation for customizing their ThirtyTenZero framework.  

What if I need more 1:1 help?

Since ThirtyTenZero is a framework, we have experts trained in this methodology. We call them "Mechanics." 

What if I'm not comfortable sharing my real stories when participating in a StoryWatch Trainings?

You will be able to review the concepts on your own. Videos are included highlighting the key concepts so you can go back to tweak and tighten.